Our FoundR Dr Danielle Marr Collins




FoundR Dr Danielle Marr Collins aka "DR BOTOX" is an Irish Aesthetics Doctor and Aerospace Engineer. She opened the first DermaFaceMD Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Clinic in 2009 in Dublin, Ireland. Opening next in London 2014, becoming the youngest Medical Director on Harley Street, London by age 30. She is dual qualified as a DDS from Trinity College Dublin, and has completed a 3-year Masters in Aesthetic Medicine. Her primary degree was B. Aerospace Engineering from UK equivalent of M.I.T called U.M.I.S.T. (University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology). She has attended, and presented multiple times at World Aesthetic Medicine conference in Monte Carlo, Monaco as a guest of Allergan Pharmaceutical. She still owns private clinics in London, Dublin and Monaco with wait lists exceeding 18-24 months, location dependent.

As mentioned previously her education includes B. Aerospace Engineering from UK's M.I.T. called U.M.I.S.T. (University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology). After graduating as an Aerospace Engineer, she took a gap year to work on American Superyacht M/Y "Octopussy" while it was berthed IMYCA Antibes, France on The C'ote Azur, French Riviera, France. In addition to working as a Deckhand, she was the sole Fluent French speaker on board an all-American Crew. During this time, she completed her Yachtmaster Skipper License ticket, after obtaining sufficient nautical sea miles after sailing across The Atlantic Ocean from Fort Lauderdale USA to the UK. She proudly combines her Aerospace and Medical background in her AEROSPACE MD skincare brand.

After completing her Aerospace Engineering degree and nautical adventures sailing across The Atlantic Ocean, she was accepted into what is often considered to be the top University in Europe, Irish "Ivy League" School Trinity College Dublin. She qualified as a D.D.S. Dentist, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts simultaneously, receiving dual commencements as DDS and Bachelor of Arts, also further complimenting and completing her education with a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine. With a particular interest in Maxilla Facial Surgery and cleft lip she has performed many pro-bono advanced cleft lip corrections using injectable Hyaluronic Acid. Often by the time young adults with Cleft lip reach their early 20's they are traumatized by multiple surgical operations, and while Hyaluronic Dermal Filler cannot help a cleft palate, it can achieve unbelievable magical results for cleft lip by injecting dermal filler into deficient areas of the cleft lip area. Dr Danielle Marr Collins has a very deep understanding of Hyaluronic Injectables, and is a hugely talented injector both in terms of aesthetic outcome and gentle placement of the product, along with a deeply kind and charismatic practical approach.

Dr Danielle Marr Collins is widely regarded as THE OG “DR BOTOX” in Europe. She is the "TV Star" of The Irish version of "Real Housewives of Ireland DUBLIN WIVES", and she was a Celebrity contestant on BIG BROTHER UK. She just filmed an expert presenter pilot in US, and she was, for many episodes the TV Host/TV Doctor on The UK TV version of "BOTCHED" called "50 Plastic Surgery Shockers TV Show".

As of September 2022, she now resides in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Southern California and travels back to treat patients in London and Monaco every third month. She is excited to bring her European skincare brand and proprietary blends of products to the US and has a number of labs in Southern California where skincare products are formulated. She firmly believes that her expert skincare, and near 15 years of expertise should be accessible to all, and would like to reach, and help many more people with her topical DERMAFACE MD Hyaluronic Serums, creams, gels along with AEROSPACE MD modified skin care tools. 

In personal accomplishments she recently featured in prominent Sea Yachting Magazine after sailing across The Atlantic from Fort Lauderdale to UK as part of a 6-man crew of sailors, totaling 4 weeks at sea, and just under 4,000 nautical sea miles. Dr Danielle Marr Collins next went on to complete a Yachtmaster Ocean Skipper Ticket.  

Dr Botox was nominated for an Irish BAFTA (IFTA) along with the other cast members of Real Housewives of Dublin Wives, and while she is almost always in front of the camera on Reality TV or TV hosting Medical shows, she recently produced a short film as part of her "Masters in Digital TV and Filmmaking “called Q.E.D, which premiered at The Galway Film Festival and won numerous awards in US Oscar Buffer Short film circuit, including overall winner at Sante Fe Film Festival, US.

In addition to lots of media coverage as an expert presenter she has starred on-screen in "REAL DUBLIN HOUSEWIVES". She's had an expansive television career hosting and carrying out medical makeovers on live TV in Europe, as well as hosting the infamous "50 PLASTIC SURGERY SHOCKERS' television show in the UK.  She was also a participant on UK's "CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER" with many television appearances on Channel 4, Channel 4, Sky One, RTE, ITV3, TV3 and Virgin Media.

Clinical Director of DermaFace MD clinics since 2009, she is dual qualified as a DDS and has extensively and exclusively treated patients faces with injectable hyaluronic such as Juvéderm and Restylane for just under15 years.  She has a tremendous understanding of Hyaluronic, and the challenges of formulating a topical serum that can also penetrate the skin barrier and still provide plump, hydration and reduce fine lines over time.

DermaFace MD skincare is truly Advanced Skincare meets Aerospace Engineering. Dr Danielle understands hydrating the skin topically can be more difficult than injecting though the skin barriers, with HA products such as Juvéderm being deposited via a needle.  In fact, she first started formulating topical Hyaluronic serums after she had both Mohs surgery and Efudex treatment for facial skin cancers, leaving the skin on her own face dry and dehydrated. It truly is a case of 'Clinician Heal Thyself". After such invasive surgeries she herself has moved away from invasive treatments favoring a more holistic approach to her own face.

Formulating proprietary blends of hyaluronic was a natural progression for our FoundR Dr Danielle Marr Collins and combining these cruelty free, vegan and paraben free serums with global products sourced and modified aerodynamically and anatomically for the facial contours, the zygomatic process of the cheeks and the mandibular angle of the mandible combining her knowledge of the face and neck, along with her masters in Aesthetic Medicine, her degree in Dentistry and her degree in Aerospace Engineering to create DermaFace MD + Aerospace MD.