About Us - DermaFaceMD Skincare Advanced Hyaluronic Serum Skincare & FoundR Dr Danielle Marr Collins

Advanced Skincare DermaFace MD and Aerospace MD by Dr Danielle Marr Collins CEO DermaFace clinics since 2009! Why I formulated what is in my opinion the Best Hyaluronic Serum for your Face! 

DermaFace Anti Aging Clinics were established in Europe in 2009. DermaFaceMD Skincare is now proudly made in the USA, Southern California, and is based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA.  We ship across the U.S. and worldwide.

Our skincare range was developed by our clinical director Dr Danielle Marr Collins A.K.A. “Dr Botox” from “The Real Housewives of Ireland" also known as "Dublin Wives”. Dr Danielle Marr Collins aka "Dr Botox' is an Irish born TV personality known for her straight up talking. We are not trying to be "affordable skincare", we are advanced skincare meets Aeropspace Engineering, established in 2009, we are about longevity, not a quick cheap buzzword or product.

Dr Danielle also TV hosted UK version of “Botched” called “50 Plastic Surgery Shockers” on Channel 4, as well as participating in “Celebrity Big Brother’ UK Show for a “celebrity special’ in London as a celebrity housemate. She was nominated for an Irish Bafta (IFTA) along with her supporting cast off of "The Real Houswives of Ireland" known as "Dublin Wives" on Virgin Media TV.

Here is the behind the scenes, raw truth of how DermaFaceMD skincare came to fruition. It was a real true case of clinician heal thyself as Dr Danielle wanted to formulate the best hyarluronic serum for dry skin and damaged skin barrier.

By age 30 Dr Danielle Marr Collins was clinical director of one of the largest chain of Botox clinics in London UK, spending 2 days a week in London while running her own Medical Aesthetic practice in Dublin. Having graduated from Trinity College Dublin as a D.D.S Dentist with special interest in Oro-Facial specialities, she completed a 2 year Masters in Aesthetic Medicine with a particular interest in facial fillers to correct cleft lip, with speciality use of BTX to correct gummy smiles. At the time she also had the largest teeth whitening clinic in Dublin called DermaDental DDS.

Soon the demand for BTX in Ireland & London grew exponentially circa 2008, and quickly “Dr Botox” was born. With the largest Allergen account in both Dublin, and in London via the large brand she worked for in Harley Street London, quickly the dental portion of the brand was sold to focus wholly on Facial Aesthetics, with a 2 year non-compete. DermaFace clinic was born, with sole intent to provide private rooms in upscale Dublin & London, for safe, discrete Botox and Facial Filler treatments.  

Shortly after DermaDental was sold, TV Producers approached “Dr Botox” to ask her to participate in "The Real Housewives of Ireland" "Dublin Wives" TV show, at first she declined, but eventually decided to participate in order to increase brand profile for DermaFace MD clinics and DermaFace MD skincare including what would become DermaFace MD Advanced Hyaluronic Serum which we believe is the best hyaluronic serum for your face. The aim of participating in television was also to educate people against availing of cheap poorly administered Botox. The intention of participating was not for fame, but to increase the DermaFace brand awareness and safety surrounding facial fillers and hyaluronic acid use. This profile would later be used to procure the best ingredients and best skincare labs to make what is now known as DermaFace MD 1000X Advanced Hyaluronic Serum which is the best hyaluronic serum in our skincare range for your face.

Our clinical director is known to be sassy, rambunctious and having a low tolerance for BS, so what was planned as a low key flex with the bare minimum of participation on “Dublin Wives” TV show resulted in Dr Danielle a.k.a Dr Botox becoming the “break out star” of The Real Housewives of Ireland and Dublin Wives. A second season was quickly commissioned, and when the head of the Irish TV network moved back to UK they brought Dr Danielle Marr Collins onboard to participate in Celebrity Big Brother UK for the celebrity special.  Simultaneously the UK version of “Botched” was looking for a TV host for a new Channel 4 show called “50 Plastic Surgery Shockers” counting down the 50 worst celebrity Botox and Plastic Surgery Botched treatments.  Dr Botox was soon called upon as an expert host of this TV show and was TV host of "50 Plastic Surgery Shockers:.

All was going well, business was up 42% after Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Ireland and “Dublin Wives” and her media profile was growing exponentially in UK & Ireland. However right before Dr Danielle entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, she had a small skin lesion on her forehead removed, and like any skin lesion removed it was sent for biopsy. Just 5 days before she entered the “Celebrity Big Brother” house she was told via phone by a dear colleague in Dublin that the small lesion was in fact skin cancer and was a Squamous Cell Carcinoma in situ, which was a huge shock and a very serious diagnosis. This was far more serious than any common enough Basal Cell Carcinoma. She decided to continue with the show, even removing her own sutures in the mirror at the hotel in London the day before entering the CBB house. 

After Celebrity Big Brother multiple skin lesions were removed and a mixture of SCC and BCC were confirmed. A treatment of topical chemo EFUDEX was prescribed which led to Dr Danielle having to apply daily for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks her face was red and raw and the hope that all carcinogenic cells would be destroyed was no commiseration nor consideration for the red raw skin. Suddenly it was a case of ‘Clinician Heal Thyself”.  So Dr Danielle used a combination of Bauma C5 made by a well known skin brand to take away the red raw skin, and she started to formulate medium weight topical hyaluronic acid molecules with low weight hyaluronic acid molecules and also heavy weighted 940 Dalton hyaluronic acid molecules in order to re-hydrate her own skin.  The formulation of a mixed medium weighted hyaluronic acid molecule with a heavier weighted hyalruonic acid molecule lead to the first iteration of DermaFace MD skincare Hyaluronic serum sample.

Deep penetration of the skin was needed, so she paired her proprietary blend of Hyaluronic molecules with a fatty acid lip tail which could deliver the hyaluronic acid molecules even deeper within the layers of her own skin.

Everything happens for a reason, although in 2013 it did not seem so!  The same year Dr Botox was involved in an awful RTA accident in Dublin involving a rogue unlicensed rickshaw. She was removed from the wreckage requiring 60 sutures to her face, all her front teeth replaced, and it took two weeks for the swelling in her lip to go down sufficiently so that half the front tooth that was embedded in her lip could finally be removed. Again the call came from upon high “Clinician Heal Thyself”. The scarring was unimaginable and to this day it is a miracle that she has just the smallest scar on her chin and lip, again due to a combination of her own formulations. It was emotionally very difficult as somebody sold a story to the press and media, and to this day photos of the accident remain online. Sadly no proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid serum could erradicate the emotional and trauma scars, and the press and media coverage was very upsetting. 

Dr Danielle made her first trip to California shortly after to get away for a little while, and immediately upon landing in LAX felt a belonging with the Californians and the Angelinos. Approaches had been made previously to buy DermaFace MD Botox practices. So in 2017 Dr Danielle flew to Los Angeles to take a short break and contemplate what she wanted to do with her life. She landed in LAX and immediately felt a kinship with California. She returned to Europe and sold the Irish clinics, moving to Los Angeles end of 2019 after securing an 01 visa from her TV credits & participation in 2-3 of the largest TV show franchises. 

She moved to Los Angeles wanting to do more comedy, completing the Groundlings program and quickly worked her way up to the Advanced Master Class at the famous Actors Comedy Studio in Hollywood, as well as studying for two years masters in Actors Comedy, when she started performing stand up comedy with Pretty Funny Women and was soon sharing the stage with pretty well known comics in venues such as Flappers comedy Club. Disaster struck again, a second very large Squamous Cell Carcinoma was found on the medial canthus (the areas between the top of the nose and the corner of her right eye). Mohs surgery had to be urgently performed at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. Again she was called upon “Clinician Heal Thyself”. After the carcinoma was removed she had to source local products, local Hyaluronic raw material and again blend low molecular Hyaluronic acid molecules with higher weighted Hyaluronic acid molecules to form the best hyaluronic acid serum she could using local labs. She would be unable to get her own Botox for a number of months and so had to rely on formulating her infamous DERMAFACE MD TRIPLE PEPTIDE EYE SERUM in order to prevent and reduce wrinkles at the crows feet of her own eyes.

During the pandemic, all comedy was put on hold, and while the ultimate bucket list is to be in an American half hour sitcom, and record something anything with hip hop artist Snoop, Dr Danielle went back to what she knows inside out which is skincare, and so DermaFace MD was born in Beverly Hills California. This advanced skincare is clinical formulated and carries the leaping bunny certification. We believe that if you are looking for a hyaluronic acid serum from a skincare store that you can use on your face, than DERMAFACE MD SKINCARE is the best hyaluronic acid serum avialable.

Dr Danielle’s first degree was Aerospace Engineering at UMIST which is UK’s answer to MIT. With an extensive knowledge of material science Dr Danielle decided to modify and design global products in order to incorporate adjunct best delivery systems and practices so you can now combine DermaFace MD Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Aerospace MD Skincare systems.